Product code HMPRO75SR

The Holemaker PRO 75 is a versatile, multi-purpose machine, equipped with a #3 Morse Taper Spindle. The 2 speed gearbox with electronic variable speed, Electronic Speed Stabilization System (ESSS), and motor soft start feature makes this machine ideal for tapping up to M24. With a large cutting capacity of 75mm diameter and 110mm depth using Holemaker Cutters, this machine will suffice for most holemaking requirements. Other standard features include gravity feed coolant system & left or right hand feed handle operation. The unique semi-automatic gib adjustment system enables simple, fast and always correct fine tuning without any expert knowledge or experience. 

Supplied complete with arbor for use with Holemaker Cutters up to 75mm depth of cut. Optional arbor to take Holemaker Cutters up to 110mm depth of cut is available.



Capacity (Diameter – max) 75mm
Capacity (Depth of Cut – max) 110mm
Capacity ( Twist Drills)
#3 Morse Taper 32mm
Motor Input Power 1800 Watt
Motor Output Power 1650 Watt
Gearbox  2 Speed
with electronic 
variable speed 80-160; 210-420 RPM 
and motor soft start feature
Magnet Dead Lift 19500nm
Weight 27.0kg


Swivel base

The Holemaker Pro 75 makes difficult tapping jobs run smooth and easy. With the optional tapping head fitted, the Pro 75 will tap a maximum M20. 

• Protection against tap breakage ensured by an ultra sensitive and smooth multi-position operating ball-clutch. 
• Forward and reverse ball drive design transmits rotational power to the tap and disengages smoothly and silently. 
• Axial float ensures smooth tapping and better thread profile.
• Cushioned drive incorporating compession and extension, eliminates the possibility of cross threadings during the tapping process, and ensures clean and accurate threads. 
• A planetary gear reversing mechanism transmits smooth positive reverse to the tap retraction and it retracts 75% faster than it enters.
• Accurate depth control by means of its accurate neutral mechanism. 

• 20mm Maximum tapping capacity
• 130mm Stroke with tapping head fitted
• 168mm Maximum Length of Tap 

Part# SPTH103
Description: 8-20mm Tapping Haed with #3 MT