Product code LT62050

Loctite ® 620™ Retaining Compound, Cylindrical bonding, High temperature

Loctite 620 50ML Retaining Compound    

Loctite® 620™ is a high temperature (450°F), high viscosity liquid retaining compound for cylindrical bonding .Provides a shear strength of over 3,800 psi on steel. Locks and secures metal cylindrical assemblies up to 0.015″ diametral clearance. Prevents metal fretting and corrosion, Stops leakages. Typical applications include locating pins in radiator assemblies, sleeves into pump housings and bearings in auto transmissions.
Technical Data

: Typical applications: High temperature

:Viscosity: 8,500cP

:Cure Time: Fixture – 30 minutes Full – 24 hours

:Max gap fill: 0.38 mm

:Temperature resistance: 232°C

:Shear strength: 26N/mm2