Titan Digital launches in Sydney

When it comes to partners in the digital marketing industry, they don’t come much bigger than Google. That’s why Titan’s recent launch into the competitive Sydney digital marketing market, is such an exciting move.

The launch, a combined digital marketing seminar with Google, saw close to 120 business owners converge on Google’s HQ in Sydney. In addition to explaining the power of digital marketing, the team got to show off Titan’s digital marketing muscle, which resulted in more than 40 appointments booked on the night. It was also an outstanding opportunity for Titan to meet local business players, influential industry experts and a range of company executives.


A Perth-based company, Titan has been around for more than 10 years, providing development and hosting services. Three years ago, they branched out into digital marketing and have achieved remarkable success since then. This includes them complimenting their Perth HQ, and Philippines and India-based development teams, with a highly skilled marketing agency based in Cape Town. This, combined with their strong sales force in Perth has seen Titan expand their horizons.

They have successfully entered the South African market with some key accounts, are busy setting up their London office, and their current expansion culminated in the launch of their Sydney branch.

Titan has made it their business to help businesses of all sizes use digital marketing to reach and convert a relevant audience. It’s their job to ensure that your company gets noticed in the overcrowded digital space. This is achieved through strategic thinking, smart marketing services and using the latest google and online tools available. The exciting aspect of digital marketing is that most tools make your company’s marketing efforts quantifiable, allowing you to accurately measure your ROI.

The internet has been around for close to 20 years and digital marketing is proving to be a more affordable and effective way to reach a large audience. The tools of the trade are only effective if used correctly and that’s where Titan and Google come in. By working with the biggest player in the game, Titan is able to offer a professional, effective service that achieves results.

As a Google Premier SME Partner, something Google is pretty strict about, Titan now has a team of qualified experts, who are well trained in Google marketing tools, and can deliver the complete suite of Google AdWords services to a variety of clients. By working together with Google, they have succeeded in providing invaluable services to a multitude of customers.

Says Jason Bettinger, Titan’s NSW Sales Director,

“ For the first time in advertising history, businesses are able to not only reach more people, in more places instantly, but can clearly measure exactly where they are coming from dollar for dollar. That is the power of digital marketing.”

Jason explains the importance of been digitally prepared and responsive to your client’s needs and wants.

“We don’t go online, we live online. Think about it, how many times do you use your phone to get stuff done online? Online customers are doing the same exact thing in every facet of business, hence the importance of not only getting found online, but ensuring the mobile responsiveness of your website.”

While there are many variables and online tools to help businesses achieve the necessary results, you also need experts to make sure these tools are used properly. The internet means you have very little time to attract your target market, engage them and convert them into a paying customer.

As Jason says,

“If your customers cannot find you in two clicks or two seconds, they’ll go to a competitor.”

When you are looking for a marketing strategy and online results that maximise your ROI, contact a Digital Marketing agency with the expertise, knowledge and resources to make your business stand out from the crowd.